to say goodbye
to boring offices!

Ready to upgrade your workplace? Then you've come to the right place, dear office pioneer. Microstad, a colossal 23,000 sq m building, is here ready to transform your working world.

24/7 access

Super fast internet


Meeting rooms

Exclusive member events

Open bar

Unlimited coffee and tea

Printing & scannen

Members' network

An all-in-one membership

At Microstad, we operate with a membership model. The membership not only includes your dedicated workspace but also provides unlimited access to our entire facility. Included in this are amenities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, various meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events, and much more.

We have deliberately chosen a membership model instead of traditional lease agreements because we offer much more than just a standard office space. Think of us as a business hotel: a place where you are provided with all the conveniences!

Read more about our facilities here.

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We are so close to Eindhoven Central that even your office plant has no more excuses for being late. Whether by train or on foot, you'll be with us in the blink of an eye. By car, you can reach the highway within 10 minutes via the ring road or Kennedy Avenue. That means more time for the important things in life, like perfecting your coffee order with our barista.

The developments of KnoopXL contribute to the attractiveness of Microstad. Over time, the building will be surrounded by a green city boulevard. Currently, various major companies and institutions such as VGZ, Chamber of Commerce, EY, and KPMG are located in the immediate vicinity.

Our community

At Microstad, building and maintaining a thriving community take center stage. We understand that a strong community is of invaluable worth. Therefore, we are dedicated to creating a warm, inclusive, and inspiring environment where people can meet, connect, and support each other.

Here, you can work, relax, network, enjoy events, and participate in an inspiring program. Microstad offers countless possibilities and complements the fabric of the city. So, for those who dream of a place where boundaries are pushed, where innovation and collaboration are paramount, and where creativity can flourish freely, Microstad is the right destination. Seize this opportunity, embark on the adventure, and discover the power of Microstad, the city within a city where the future is being written.

Your own,
unique office
in Eindhoven!

You are entirely free to make your own office or studio truly unique. Wallpaper, paint, almost anything is possible. Create a bold design, a sleek ensemble, or furnish it entirely like home.

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We are constantly on the move, so the only way to truly understand Microstad is to see it. We would be happy to offer you a cup of coffee and a personal tour!