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Good job! You found one of the best event spaces. Right next to Eindhoven Central Station, Microstad offers a place to bring your event concepts to life. We offer you a canvas of unlimited possibilities, set within a premium and creative location that's not just in the city center but at the center of innovation and creativity.

All-in-one events

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We understand that the details make the difference and we strive to meet all your needs to create an event that exceeds all of your guest's expectations! Our services include state-of-the-art audiovisual equipment, professional staff, top-quality catering options and a range of customizable setups to meet your specific requirements.

Microstad is the perfect place to host your event. And not without reason. Our city-within-a-city inspires and breathes creativity, elevating every event to a higher level. With its vibrant energy and innovative spirit, Microstad offers an inspiring environment that will motivate participants and let ideas flourish.

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Unlimited possibilities

Microstad offers a wide range of event spaces. There are spaces suitable for meetings, trainings, team building, brainstorming sessions, as well as for workshops or corporate drinks. Essentially, anything is possible, so bring on that challenge. We are eager to work with you to make it an unforgettable event, no matter how large or intimate.



This location is a blank canvas for various events: from product launches to major performances.

  • Fully furnishable.
  • Accessible by stairs or elevator.
  • Also available as a photo studio or film set.
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Just like event space 2, very suitable for a training day, workshops or meetings.

  • Multiple configurations and combinations possible.
  • Access to a private outdoor area.
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.
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The perfect space for a training day, workshops or larger meetings.

  • Multiple setups possible.
  • State-of-the-art audiovisual equipment.
  • Can be easily combined with event space 1 as a reception room.
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Let your vision come to life in a space that exudes grandeur. From drinks to break-out session.

  • Full bar and private entrance.
  • Beautiful light through the many windows.
  • Possibility to expand to the courtyard.
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Beautiful spacious and bright event space. The square floor space makes this space usable for many purposes.

  • Ideal for presentations.
  • Multiple setups possible.
  • Nice weather? Door open!
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Bookable in combination with renting an event space.

  • Can be perfectly combined with event space 1.
  • Creative options for activities such as barbecues and team building activities.
  • Enjoy extra in lovely weather.
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Location of Microstad

Right in the city center

Microstad offers event spaces right in the center of Eindhoven, on a 1 minute walk to the Central Station and 10 minutes from the highway. A premium location for your event!

Situated adjacent to Eindhoven Central Station, Microstad stands as an emblem of modern innovation. Our premium location is more than just a venue; it's a portal to boundless opportunities, seamlessly connecting you to the essence of creativity, dynamic urban vitality and unparalleled accessibility.

Experience the forefront of event spaces, right here. Want to see our offices? Find them here.


We are happy to help you leave a memory in the culinary field as well

We understand all too well that food can be the key to a successful event. That is why we offer a diverse range of catering options, suitable for every taste and every occasion.

We are happy to coordinate with you what suits your event; From Dutch 'bitterballen' to innovative plant-based dishes. And from simple soups to luxurious snacks and refined dinners. With our catering we transform your event from everyday to unforgettable!