A vibrant office in Eindhoven?

Welcome to Microstad, your gateway to the European capital of design and technology. The best place in Eindhoven to shape and develop your future.

We've redefined the future of workspaces. Right in the center of Eindhoven, Brainport Area, you'll find our 23,000 m² hub that acts as a vibrant ecosystem designed to transform the way businesses connect, create, and grow in a global landscape.

Microstad offices

Here, you'll undoubtedly find your connection

Until recently, our 23.000m2 building acted as the beating heart of telephone connections in and around Eindhoven. You would find two floors filled with computers tirelessly working to maintain communication. It was the place where voices and stories were relayed, where lovers found each other in the virtual world and where dreams were exchanged through wires and cables.

Here, connections were made. And that's essentially what we still do at Microstad; we create connections!

  • Between our tenants and their clients
  • Between tenants themselves
  • Between the future and the present
  • Between dreams and reality
  • Between today and tomorrow
At Microstad, we operate on a subscription basis. The subscription includes not just your specific workspace, but also unlimited access to our entire building and its many facilities. We've consciously chosen a subscription model over traditional lease agreements because we offer much more than just standard office space. Included in this are amenities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events and much more.

We're basically a city within a city, with our own residents and a standalone ecosystem.

24/7 access

Super fast internet

Cleaning services

Meeting & focus rooms

Exclusive member events

Open bar

Free coffee, tea & beer

Printer & scanner usage

Our member network

So many impressions. You'll want to read back on that later, right?

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Unlimited possibilities

Our concept offers endless possibilities to scale, grow and adjust your membership across more than 23,000 m² of ground surface area. As your business expands, we provide the option to scale your office space accordingly.

€350 - €400 per seat, per month

1-3 seats

Microstad Cityhubs

This office is ideal for smaller companies that still want a prime location. With up to 3 workspaces, these offices provide plenty of room room to do your thing.

  • Up to 22m2
  • Located on the ground floor
  • Furnished options available
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€350 - €400 per seat, per month

4+ seats

Microstad Citylofts

Collaborating, but still want the space to do your own thing? These office spaces are at least 22 square meters and can be fully customized to your liking.

  • At least 22m2
  • Located on the ground floor
  • Furnished options available
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Price upon request, based on # m2

600+ m2 floor space

Microstad Cityfloors

Your very own office in Eindhoven City Center, offering you the freedom to tailor the office to fit your dreams and ambitions. After all, it's your office, so you decide!

  • Starting from 600 m2
  • Customizable to your preferences
  • Furnished options available
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Building a thriving community is at the heart of what we do. We recognize the invaluable strength of a vibrant community. We’re dedicated to foster a warm, inclusive and inspiring environment where people can meet, connect and support one another.

For those who dream of a place where boundaries are pushed and innovation, technology and collaboration are paramount, Microstad is your destination.

As a member of Microstad, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits, including attractive discounts on our versatile event spaces. Whether you're organizing a meeting, training session, team-building event or a company get-together, Microstad offers a variety of spaces that cater to every occasion.