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Microstad is the place to be for office spaces, co-working spaces, studios, meeting rooms, event spaces, education, dining and leisure activities. We offer creative entrepreneurs a place where dreams are realized and great stories are continuously crafted. Curious how? Let's take a lot at our premium office location in the city center of Eindhoven.

We believe that true creativity blooms only when you're immersed in a creative environment

Microstad is a vibrant, creative hub in the heart of Eindhoven, right next to the central station.

We offer creative work and event spaces for:
1) The individual creator seeking freedom in a creative studio;
2) The startup in search of an office space to expand;
3) The entrepreneur looking for a plug-and-play office space
4) The remote worker looking for a co-working space, surrounded by like-minded individuals
No matter who you are or what you do, Microstad brings your ideas to life.

Beyond a place to work, you'll find a powerful network, tailored facilities and an unparalleled premium location.

Explore the possibilities, create your future, and anchor yourself in Eindhoven's leading cultural hotspot, with the Central Station as your backyard.
23 .000
At Microstad, building a thriving community is at our core. We understand the invaluable strength of a solid community. That's why we're dedicated to creating a warm, inclusive and inspiring environment where people can meet, connect and support each other.

For those dreaming of a place where boundaries are pushed, and innovation, technology, and collaboration are central, Microstad is your destination.

Microstad offers all necessities to help you make all your dreams come true, while we shape  the world of tomorrow together

Like a business hotel

At Microstad, we offer an all-in-one subscription based on work spaces. The Microstad subscription not only covers your specific workspace but also provides unlimited access to our entire building. Included are facilities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events and much more.

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At Microstad, we operate on a subscription basis. The subscription includes not just your specific workspace, but also unlimited access to our entire building and its many facilities. We've consciously chosen a subscription model over traditional lease agreements because we offer much more than just standard office space. Included in this are amenities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events and much more. Think of us as a business hotel: a place where you are provided with every convenience.

24/7 access

Super fast internet

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Free coffee, tea & beer

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