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Where design & tech talent meets creative ambiance

Discover Microstad's creative studios, right in the hart of Eindhoven City Center, where tech and design creators find their sanctuary. Equipped with advanced amenities and like-minded creators, it's the perfect place to innovate and excel.

PLEASE NOTE: Our ateliers are currently still under construction. Some of the photos on this page were taken during construction. For more information on the current state of the construction, book a tour here.

Your creative studio right in the center of Eindhoven?

What more do you need?

Microstad is not just another location that offers creative studios and office spaces; it's a home base for creativity and innovation, with everything your creative heart desires. We offer, for example, creative brainstorming facilities, exhibition spaces and a large community of like-minded creatives! Come and discover the possibilities waiting for you in this vibrant community.

3 reasons to make Microstad your homebase:

  • 1. Inspiring location:
    Situated in the heart of KnoopXL, almost directly next to Eindhoven Central Station, Microstad offers easy access to (cultural) hotspots, museums, and events. You're surrounded by inspiration. And that even within our own building! Enjoy various dining establishments on-site and our (cultural) programming.
  • 2. A studio for every one:
    Whether you paint, code or design, we have creative studio's of various sizes to meet all your needs.
  • 3. Our very own community
    Join a community of like-minded individuals who support and inspire each other. Collaboration is the norm here.
At Microstad, we operate on a subscription basis. The subscription includes not just your specific workspace, but also unlimited access to our entire building and its many facilities. We've consciously chosen a subscription model over traditional lease agreements because we offer much more than just standard office space. Included in this are amenities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events and much more. Think of us as a business hotel: a place where you are provided with every convenience.

24/7 access

Super fast internet

Cleaning services

Meeting & focus rooms

Exclusive member events

Open bar

Free coffee, tea & beer

Printer & scanner usage

Our member network

So many impressions. You'll want to read back on that later, right?

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Our creative spaces

The Microstad concept is more than just your specific workspace. Microstad members also benefit from unlimited access to our entire building and discount on our event spaces. Included are facilities such as coffee, tea, beer, internet, meeting rooms, relaxation areas, member events, and much more. Think of us as a business hotel: a place where you're provided with every convenience.

Price on request

1-3 workplaces

Microstad Atelier Lots

Determine your own studio space from scratch? Microstad offers you a plot to make your dreams come true. Complete freedom to design your studio yourself.

  • Format according to your wishes
  • Complete freedom in building your studio
  • Fellow tenants to spar, discuss and learn from
Book a tour to check your possibilities
Starting from € 500 per month, per workplace

1-3 workplaces

Microstad Atelier Studios

Only the walls are standing. For the rest, you have complete freedom to decorate your studio. Minimalist, to make optimal use of space? Or smartly furnished with all the necessary equipment.

  • Ranging from 12.5m2 to 27m2
  • Can be set up according to your own wishes
  • Fellow tenants to spar, discuss and learn from
Book a tour to check your possibilities

Join the

Building a thriving community is at the heart of what we do. We recognize the invaluable strength of a vibrant community. We’re dedicated to foster a warm, inclusive and inspiring environment where people can meet, connect and support one another.

For those who dream of a place where boundaries are pushed and innovation, technology and collaboration are paramount, Microstad is your destination.

As a member of Microstad, you'll enjoy exclusive benefits, including attractive discounts on our versatile event spaces. Whether you're organizing a meeting, training session, team-building event or a company get-together, Microstad offers a variety of spaces that cater to every occasion.

Right in the city center of Eindhoven

Microstad offers you the possibility to work right in the center of Eindhoven, on a 1 minute walk to the Central Station and 10 minutes from the highway. A premium location with unbeatable accessibility!

Our premium location is more than just a venue; it's a portal to boundless opportunities, seamlessly connecting you to the essence of creativity, dynamic urban vitality and unparalleled accessibility.

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